German Sports Badge Uni-Challenge

The second edition of the German Sports Badge Uni-challenge starts!

Following last year’s successful event we want to offer the opportunity of meeting the requirements of the German Sports Badge (Deutsches Sportabzeichen) this year as well.

After we had to accept defeat at the 1st Uni Challenge against the university of Hannover, we are naturally fired up for a rematch. We have brought in two more opponents so that this year's challenge will involve the universities of Oldenburg and Vechta. On one day, we offer you a compact way to fulfil the conditions of the athletic disciplines.

The goal of the challenge is having as many members of CAU as possible compete in a time frame from 4-7 pm on 29 June 2016 who will meet the respective conditions of the German Sports Badge. Further information on the conditions can be found here: . The scoring system is as follows: Every successfully passed test of bronze level brings in one point, every one of silver level two points and every test of gold level three points. At the end, points will be added up and the university which scored the most points wins the challenge. Every member of the university, both students and employees, can compete.

Due to comparability only the athletic disciplines of running, jumping and throwing as well as jump rope can be taken. To complete your accomplishments we will organize subsequent tests in further disciplines, cooperating with sports clubs and the Sportverband Kiel.

As a preparation for this day we offer training times. These will take place at CAU stadium on Mondays from 5.00 – 7.00 pm, starting at may, 2nd, under the guidance of competent trainers.

To accommodate a little, we would like you to sign up for the day online here: . We'll provide you with the latest information concerning the in time before the event.

We are looking forward to lots of participants! Let's show that we are 'right up there' at the German Sports Badge as well!